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Nowadays, everyone loves messaging and chatting. And whenever we think of chatting, the first word that comes to our mind is ‘Whatsapp’. It is arguably the most popular and widely used messenger app that allows you to send messages, absolutely free of cost. It is one of the most loved applications and has a download history of more than a billion on Google Play.

Recently, a similar app called Whatsapp+ has become the talk of the town. Whatsapp+ is the latest, a more user-friendly, and modified replacement for the authorized Whatsapp. As the name proposes, Whatsapp Plus, it is stacked with numerous PLUS components over WhatsApp. Rafale, a Spanish developer and a senior member of XDA Forums, has developed it.

Features of Whatsapp Plus:

1. Can alter all of your WhatsApp UI. We can add visual themes or create our own theme and completely change the look of WhatsApp (change the chat background, the background of the contact list, and the colors of ribbons and texts).

2. The most discernible feature is pre-installed themes. It has more than 2000 themes. You can create your own theme or paste one of those created by other users.

3. You can change the options for file sharing, as you like. You can choose the limit of file size from 2 Megabytes to 50 Megabytes. For instance, you can send documents more noteworthy in size and without loss of picture quality. This is useful for college pupils to share classroom and university notes.

4. Have the option to hide your online availability status. You can choose to chat without going online. In addition to this, Whatsapp plus also has the feature of a single tick option where a single tick will be shown to the sender, even if the message is received and read.

5. You have the option to hide your display picture and show phonebook pictures on the screen.

6. When it comes to emoticons, Whatsapp Plus has taken an overhaul over Whatsapp. They have included smileys and emoticons from Google Hangouts and various others.

Installation of Whatsapp Plus:

Before you want to install Whatsapp + app, the first step is to uninstall Whatsapp from your smartphone. You would not need to root your android phone as well. So, these tricky steps mentioned below can help you install Whatsapp plus on your smartphone.

1. Before uninstalling Whatsapp from your phone, create a backup of the conversations in it.

2. You can consider changing the color of the Whatsapp launcher icon. The app now supports pink, red, cyan, gray, tangerine, yellow, aqua blue, gold, purple, violet, black, and white.

3. Go to the Whatsapp plus website and download the Apk file.

4. Install Whatsapp + app.

5. Verify your number.  Restore that.

6. Now you may use Whatsapp + without any inconvenience.