Smart Launcher 5


Smart Launcher 5 is a personalization app developed by Smart Launcher Team. The Smart Launcher team has released its latest launch app: Smart Launcher 5. This is one of the most popular Android launchers.

Smart Launcher has been completely redesigned, updated, and ready to satisfy users with new features and perfect design. The app for Android, perfectly adaptable to any device, has in its arsenal many functions, among which icons and adaptive themes adapting to your wallpaper, an automatic sorting by category, the possibility of using a hand, and much more.

Smart Launcher 5 is very popular and personalize the launcher app for Android. This launcher is an innovative launcher that makes your smartphone or tablet faster and easier to use. It is a very smart launcher that automatically changes the color of the theme to match the color of your wallpaper. Smart Launcher replaces the classic interface of your phone with a slightly simpler one that allows you to access all your icons in a faster and more comfortable way. With this launcher, you can access all your applications from the lock screen. Simply tap the lower-left corner of the screen to display a sidebar from which you can quickly access all your installed apps, games, and services on your phone.

What’s in Smart Launcher?

Ambient theme – Smart Launcher automatically changes the theme colors to match your wallpaper.

Adaptive icons – The icon format introduced with Android 8.0 Oreo is fully supported and available for any Android device! Adaptive icons mean not only customizable shapes but also beautiful and bigger icons!

Automatic app sorting – Apps are automatically sorted in categories, you won’t need to waste time organizing your icons anymore! Designed to be used with one hand

Ultra immersive mode – You can now hide the navigation bar in the launcher to maximize the screen space

Smart search-The Smart Launcher search bar allows to quickly find contacts and apps or to perform actions like searching on the web, adding a contact or performing a calculation.

On-screen notifications

Smart Launcher will now show you which apps have active notifications without requiring to download an external plugin. This makes the feature more stable and reliable.


Smart Launcher is completely customizable thanks to many options. Hundreds of themes are available to downloads and icon packs are fully supported. Smart Launcher includes a very efficient wallpaper picker that allows you to choose between many sources of pictures.

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