Retrika Camera App – Retrica For Android

Retrika Camera App

Retrika Camera App is one of the most useful applications and innovative available for your Android smartphone. The Retrika camera app brings many new features to get you out of your stunning selfies. Yes, you heard it. Retrika camera app is for people who want to take a selfie. This application has got many features, including filters, effects, and much more. You can immediately take selfie-and can add effects and filters to them. This app is quite popular among people who keep themselves involved in different social networks. This app is a complete package of fun with innovation. Retrica available for free and you can easily download from the respective app stores. Retrica Download is now available. Learn how you can download and install this application to make use of the time in real-time webcams.

I am pretty much sure that you will love this app at first use it. Retrica is a complete user-friendly application that includes a number of filters and effects to use in real-time. You can change the rear and front camera at the time of application and be able to see the effects and filters in real-time. It’s just amazing and you can use it to take its own instant Selfie.