Download Wassapp For PC

Download Wassapp For PC

How to use WhatsApp on PC?

Today I will give you a method of how to use WhatsApp on a PC without Bluestacks, there are many methods available on the Internet that show using WhatsApp on a computer with the help of Android Emulator namely Bluestacks but I found that many people can’t install Bluestacks and can’t even use Bluestacks WhatsApp is on a PC and even I can’t install Bluestacks because I don’t have a computer with a graphics card.

So friends with this method we will use Wassapp which will help you to send text messages with friends and use other features. Let me tell you that Wassapp is not an official application provided by WhatsApp but an official application that helps people chat, send pictures, etc.

So it doesn’t take much time for me to give you the exact method of how to actually use WhatsApp on a PC and that too without Bluestacks.

Steps to use WhatsApp for PC using Wassapp:

Before you go too far into the post you are going to ask what exactly is Wassapp?

Well, Wassapp is an unofficial WhatsApp client that can be installed on a Windows Operating system and the most important is its size which is much lighter to use compared to Bluestacks and one other fantastic thing is that you don’t need a graphics card, 2GB RAM and such requirements.

Wassapp Features:
No need a graphics card
Gives you the right features provided by WhatsApp Mobile App
Do not hang when used
Its weight is very light

Download Wassapp For PC: How do you use Wassapp?

download wassapp for pcI have given some steps that you must follow to use WhatsApp on your Computer system and that too without Bluestacks.

Download the Wassapp software from here.
After downloading you must install it to your PC
After that open Wassapp and you will see two options: Enter & Register
If you are already a WhatsApp user then enter your mobile number and password and click Login
Now you will see the chat screen and your contact list
There he is

If you don’t have an account, it’s better to create a new account from your mobile after installing the WhatsApp mobile app.