APUS Launcher – APUS Launcher for Android

apus-laucher-Android LaunchersApus Launcher is a colorful app that offers customization options for mobile theme based app. This Launcher is a different launcher with many features such as SMS notification, which is an icon menu, and a theme modifier app made for Android. APUS Launcher provides a complete solution for all your problems. More than 250 million users worldwide have downloaded this top-ranked launcher. Let’s examine what they say about it.

The best launchers and wallpapers, themes, and many more are exciting. The launcher is so brilliant because of the theme, wallpaper. This is an app that you will strive to create realistic and beautiful images by making a menu list, viewing, and crossing between the app, creating shortcuts on the screen, and presenting the most detailed screen operations in the most visual form to the user. This is an app that also includes a widget feature and access options for news, hours, and a trendy calendar on the screen.

In the app; it offers different color choices, rounds menus, switches between menus with different effects. This is an application that contains many moving and static wallpapers for the main screen.


  • There are various selections of apps.
  • It comes with medium size.


  • It is a moderately boring app.

How to Use the Apus Launcher App

When you have downloaded it, all you have to do is use this application and experience everything it offers. After you set all the settings it has, you can operate it with just one swipe. When you are on the home screen, just swipe left to display the latest and latest news. You can swipe down to open details about the weather forecast. If you want to download several applications, you must tab APUS Pick in APUS Launcher for Android. This is a very good application and I recommend it for your Android device.

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