Apex Launcher Apk – Personalize Your Android Phone

Apex Launcher Apk – Personalize Your Android PhoneApex-Launcher-Android Launchers

Apex Launcher is designed for people who want to change and personalize the home screen of their Android device. The developer of this app is Android Does. The rating of this app is 4.3 by 5 stars on the Google Play Store and has over 10 million downloads. With Apex Launcher, the user can create a stylish, personalized, and quick startup screen on their Android device.

This is a fantastic application that allows the user to convert their phone or tablet. Additionally, the app does not only offer a new look on the home screen, but it also offers better performance because after you install the app, your Android will work faster. One of the best things in this app is that it can make your Android device go smoother. That’s why this app is one of the best lagers, so he’s also got a high score on the Google Play Store. This can be seen in the features of the app.

Apex Launcher is a good adjustment tool for your device. It offers many possibilities to customize your mobile.

This may not be the most elegant launcher you can find, but it is still very functional. This is a very good application and I recommend it for your Android device.


  • The feature has powerful drawer customization
  • More gesture icon with two-finger gesture is available
  • It can enhance the folder support
  • It has lots of customization options


  • The app will access the widget data on the home screen
  • It is sometimes difficult to set
  • To make any shortcut is rather complicated


  • Add configurations for the Notification badge. It could only show dot without number. The color of the badge border can be changed and also can be removed.
  • Add a search engine.
  • Fix some ANRs.

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