Android App on windows 10

Android App on windows_10

How to launch Android App on Windows 10

 In order to launch an Android app on Windows 10, you must install an emulator. Bluestacks is the most famous. You can download him from the official website of developers. Once you have installed the emulator, you can add the Android app in two ways – install the downloaded from the Internet APK files, or download the software from Google Play.

Download Bluestacks

In some sense this application cannot be considered a complete emulator –several advanced settings are missing.  There appears the word Player in the full title, which means that it is a player rather than an emulator.

However, recently updated to the fourth version Bluestacks is one of the leaders in its segment. Bluestacks 4 has a more flexible and at the same time more understandable for the owner’s PC interface, you can download it from the official website.

All openable applications are displayed in the top bar as tabs in the browser, with the help of vertical icon sets on the left you can change the volume, take screenshots, etc.

The standard launcher is quite comfortable, and the status is no different from the one on Android. The Google account on Bluestacks is connected without difficulty, therefore it is possible to download the app directly and install the APK from Windows.

The second method also works, especially in the case of paid programs. Bluestacks supports most Android app, is updated regularly and is very manageable. This can be recommended for those who want to launch several mobile apps on PC. Without too much trouble.

Video instruction: How to launch Android App on Windows 10

This video shows you how to install Android games and apps from Google Play on a Windows 10 computer.
Download and install Blustacks software for free, this creates an Android environment on your PC so you can turn your PC into an Android smartphone.